Technology is slowing the world down…

as my mate Conal always says. And for me at the moment it’s certainly true. Having spent an entire day trying to upload some photos and a video to one of my blog posts, I decided that next time I would simply put it all on Flickr and add the relevant link. Except… my photos were too big and my vids were in the wrong format. All perfectly fixable of course, but when you’re dealing with a sporadic connection, never mind a random speed (despite paying for an upgrade we rarely get the promised 1mb) plus environmental factors such as a demanding soon-to-be-toddler (Pamela is indeed a miracle but needs to be allowed to clean now and again too) and the fact that everything just seems to take twice as long over here, including a basic supermarket shop, I have now decided to forego pics and vids with this blog for the time being. I will upload stuff to Flickr and I will let you have the link. One day I may even come back and add in all the photos I thought of but hey, in the meanwhile just the writing will have to do.


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