Alfie Update II

I marvel at our boy every day. It seems he has a spurt of development now and again and in the last 4 days he has come along leaps and bounds. He now walks with confidence. He just decided one day last week that he was confident enough to take off without a ‘parachute’ (mummy or daddy’s arms) and spent an entire afternoon walking on his own between Pamela and the askari. It involved lots of encouragement of course and he even joined in the clapping! First time he has clapped himself!
So now he just gets up and walks at every opportunity, except when he’s tired of course, when only carrying him will do. He also copies everything. He picked up a water bottle the other day and swigged it determinedly (with the top on) and now will bring it to me to take the top off so he can have a drink, though he mostly spills it down himself as he clamps the top to his mouth and puffs his cheeks out. He also picks up the phone (or the mouse) and holds it to his ear, kind of backwards, and ‘talks’ into it. Hilarious! The other day I poked at his toy caterpillar with my foot and he spent 10 minutes trying to push it around with his foot.

He LOVES singing and dancing, joining in both with gusto, particularly if it is on TV. He ‘sings’ back to you when you sing him a song and jiggles when he perceives you are dancing (Pamela does a lot of both with him). He is very vocal, saying ‘da’ to mummy’s ‘ta’ and learning to take things in turn when I say ‘mummy do it’ or ‘Alfie do it’. He also gets very cross when things are taken off him or hidden; he KNOWS they should be there. He plays endless games which he invents himself, particularly liking emptying things (mummy’s basket) and putting things back – he took all the nappy bags out and carefully placed them back in, for example. He also loves cars; real as well as toys. He took a toy car from one of the neighbouring boys the other day and pushed it along the ground. I asked Simon if he had showed him to do that but he said no, he had done it all himself as soon as he gave him the car.

He is also very cuddly, clinging tight to mummy when strangers approach or when he is tired. He will also, at a push, give mummy a kiss when asked (opened mouthed of course).

He adores the sling and the car seat, playing for a long time with both, and will ‘read’ his books on his own when he feels like it. He still loves his baths but will stand up to be picked out when he is ready. He also adores toothbrushes though is not so keen on his upper teeth being brushed as the gums are still sore from his 5th and 6th teeth coming through.

Tonight he got terribly upset when Daddy shaved his beard off, he was inconsolable. Otherwise Daddy is a huge source of amusement, they spend hours making faces at each other and he beams whenever Daddy is in the room. They look more and more alike every day. ‘A duplicate’ as someone said.

All in all he is hours of entertainment every day and willing to try most things if mummy and daddy are doing it; in fact he can get quite cross if not allowed to drink out of every bottle and glass that they have. He is fantastically interested in anything mechanical; taps, locks, handles, keys, padlocks, windows, doors, belts, buckles, shoes etc. And still loves watching animals of all kinds.

Apart from a few wakeful nights (teeth, diahorrea) and early mornings he sleeps like a log and is equally happy at home as he is having days out. In fact he is such a delight to take out we have no qualms about taking him anywhere, knowing he enjoys people as well as places so much. He loves rough and tumble of any sort and when we put him on a trampoline recently he screamed with delight. In short, we spend all day marvelling at our boy and laughing along with him. Alfie is Ace!!!

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