There’s a Hole in my Baby!

A couple of weeks ago Daddy was out on the town with Alfie when he decided (Daddy that is, not Alfie) to come off the tube at Kings X forwards, which we all know is breaking the cardinal rule of Tube Travel With Buggy. So the wheels got trapped in the gap which must be minded, and baby, buggy, Daddy and all somersaulted inelegantly on to the concrete platform. Much blood ensued and they were whisked to First Aid by helpful staff. I was informed of this by phone (He’s alright, we’ve had an accident, he’s alright etc) which was fine until I heard the dreaded words “we’re just waiting for the ambulance” at which I promptly burst into tears. So I hotfooted it over to A&E at UCH (very nice children’s A&E there should you ever need it, the toys even have batteries in!) and that’s how we spent Thursday evening. Alfie was by then in fine fettle, charming all and sundry and desperate to get behind the curtains where all the exciting stuff was happening. He has a wound above his eye, right in his eyebrow, which will no doubt leave a scar and become family legend in time. However, as they took the plaster off to glue it together I fell apart because there is a BIG HOLE IN MY BEAUTIFUL BABY!!

What with that and falling down the stairs and generally being magnetically attracted to sharp corners and hard surfaces, his face is now like a colour swatch for paint samples of mostly purple, black and yellow. He’s been wearing his Irish rugby top pretty much since, as it has the most open neckline least likely to catch the steristrips, so he does in fact look like a mini Rugby player too. And to add insult to injury, he has a cold, is teething and we are embarking on a comprehensive course of vaccinations. He is mummy’s brave little soldier, that’s what he is.
I have to say it’s healing magnificently, even though I wasn’t that impressed with the glueing at the time. Amazing aren’t they? Although I looked at him over dinner the other day and realised that my perfect boy has a scar for life, which made me unbelievably sad. The first of many no doubt, God Bless him.

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