More First Words

Of course I forgot a few last time I blogged and in fact since then, he has added a few more!

Daa – Ta/Thank you. He’s been saying this for ages now and likes to play a game of handing you things and you saying ta.

Kekkek – crocodile, while in IKEA looking at their soft toys

Ha’ – hat. It’s unusually cold in England and we’re all wearing woolly hats. Daddy has also bought some camouflage earmuffs which he seems to love, as opposed to the hat which he constantly removes.

Ye/Yeah/Eh – yes! Getting the hang of yes and no and as of the last few days Alfie has been practising saying yes for food and suggestions as to activities. Still a bit random. No seems mostly for things that are forbidden and occasionally things he doesn’t like, such as mummy telling him to come down the stairs on his own instead of carrying him. No is accompanied by shaking of the head and yes seems to go with a sort of exaggerated nodding.

Ey – egg, your favourite breakfast food of all time. You also connect these to chickens and baby chickens thanks to the Farmer George book.

Daddy – you are definitely saying it but tantalisingly, only once. You do say it to mean daddy though and it seems like you are trying to attract his attention. We’ll regret teaching you this very soon I suspect.

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