Pamela, Aggy, Alice and Me

11.02.2011 Pamela, Aggie, Alice and Me
Just a quick Nairobi footnote; we are still in touch with our fantastic housekeeper and childminder extraordinaire, Pamela, who writes us lovely chatty emails when she can. Her daughter Aggie is doing very well in school, often coming in the top 2 of her class and they will be going on her promised trip to Mombasa in April we hear.
I’m not sure I mentioned Alice in my previous posts. She was a lovely lady who worked in our apartment block and was great friends with Pamela. She was also very taken with Alfie and very pregnant when we left! In fact her baby was due in October and if she had a boy she wanted to call him Alfie. Sweet!
Well I’m pleased to say that on XX October she delivered a healthy baby girl, 3.3kgs and decided to call her… Vicky! I am stupidly delighted by this of course and hope that one day we can all catch up again and I can meet little Vicky.
On that note, if any of you are going to Kenya or even stopping off in Nairobi, do let me know as we would love to send along a few small things for Pamela, Aggie, Alice and Vicky. Thank you!

One thought on “Pamela, Aggy, Alice and Me

  1. Iam very much delighted for what I have just gone through. We are doing fine and infact Aggie right now she in High School in Form Two at Limuru Girls and she is doing fine. We just long to seeing you again.


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