Chronicles of Burma

08.05.2011 Chronicles of Burma

This book is HIGHLY recommended!

If you are at all interested in Burma and what it is like living here you MUST read Guy Delisle’s Chronicles of Burma. He is a Canadian animator who came to live here when his wife got a job with an NGO. They had a son not much younger than Alfie and he was the house husband who got to stay at home while she worked.

The book is in cartoon format (does that make it a graphic novel? I’ve no idea about the definitions of these things) and his observations are wickedly astute. It’s like he’s writing about our life! I read it through in an hour and a half and immediately read it again. Pete and I laughed at every page. It really is brilliant.

I have tried to contact Guy via his website but it is very blocked, as opposed to the usual blocking you can get around sometimes, which I guess is due to his less than flattering portrait of the military regime here.

In case you ever get to read this Guy, I LOVE your book and thank you for putting pen to paper.

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