Where to Have Baby?

Where to Have Baby?

Wow, our little apple pip is not only causing havoc to my digestive system but is also part of an ongoing logistical nightmare. Where are we going to chose to have our baby?

As I mentioned previously, we can’t have baby here for various reasons, but primarily that in case anything goes wrong, there aren’t the facilities to deal with it, ie safe blood products, intensive care units etc. So, our options are…

Going back to the UK

Which is lovely on the one hand, it all being very familiar and getting the chance to spend time with friends and family. My mum even has a maternity hospital at the end of her road in Bristol! But it would mean leaving Yangon by Week 34, sometime in November, as that is the cut off for long haul flights. Even if baby shows up on time, DD 16.01.12, it would take easily another month to sort out passports and visas so Alfie and I would be away a very long time and it’s not as if Pete can a) take the time off or b) hop over and visit. Added to which, no matter how much my mum loves me (or Alfie, rather) spending 3 months with a toddler and a baby is above and beyond the call of grandmotherly duties. And who can afford to rent in England these days? So perhaps not.

Going to Australia

A very attractive option as you can get medical visas these days and of course Auntie Susan and the cousins of chaos are having a wonderful time up in Cairns. It would make for a brilliant Christmas! Auntie Susan, for those of you who don’t know, not only has 3 kids of her own but is a GP (formerly a surgeon) so knows a bit about childbirth and all that. But again, the possibility of short term rental in Cairns is quite tricky and it would be a bit of a strange first visit to go and have my baby. Plus the same disadvantages for Pete.


Now Singapore has the best medical and healthcare in the world, it is generally agreed, and we are almost on the doorstep so to speak. Pete likes this option because I have a cousin who lives there and he and his wife had a baby earlier this year so a) know what’s what and b) would mean I had family to call on in a strange city. However, it is not quite as easy to hop on a plane as it is to Bangkok and we hear it is a very expensive place to live, even for just a couple of months.


This is my favourite and apparently where most expat mums go if they don’t go home. It has a lovely maternity hospital (likened to a 4 star hotel by a friend of mine) and of course is accessible by an hour’s flight several times a day from Yangon Airport. Meaning Pete could easily come and spend every weekend with us, especially if we can book Air Asia flights early enough (our equivalent to Easy Jet). Not only that, but Bangkok caters to the long term traveller by having oodles of hotels, guest houses and serviced apartments to chose from. I could also hop over to have all my ante natal care and scans done there and so build up a bit of familiarity with the city and my obstetrician and his team. Finally, and this is a bit of a clincher for me, we could in fact spend Christmas anywhere in Thailand as we can travel around so easily by car. Christmas on the beach? Yes please!

We have also talked about Kuala Lumpur and Sweden as options but for me, Bangkok is favourite. Typically baby is arriving in high season, holidays-wise, so whatever we do it won’t be cheap. And naturally Pete’s (dis)organisation are dragging their feet with the provision of full medical insurance, so who knows how much we will have to cover ourselves. They do say having kids is expensive!

Anyway, if you fancy a Christmas break and aren’t averse to babysitting a toddler and a heavily pregnant me, come and see us, wherever we may be!

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