Baby’s Birthday

So, following the diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes, the next bombshell was that we’ll be having a planned C-section at 38 weeks.

This is because GD babies are always on the big side, and as we know already I tend to throw a big foal (in the immortal words of my father, though he was talking about his brood mare at the time). I had a quick scan last week and Baby is already well over the 90th centile at 1.875 kilos. Bizarrely, I haven’t put a speck of weight on in 2 months, but baby has put on half a kilo. Doesn’t that mean that, technically, I have lost weight?

In any case, as Dr Sankiat says, if you have a 3.5kg baby without diabetes, no problem. But diabetes babies tend to have roll of fat around the shoulder which make shoulder dislocation a high risk during a natural birth and that’s not a good start in life for anyone. So…
The reason they won’t let me get past 38 weeks is because the placenta will be worn out, what with coping with all this extra sugar and lack of insulin to sort it out. Plus the baby just gets bigger and bigger and the risk of complications increases exponentially. C-section it is then. Sigh.

But here’s the clincher; because our due date is 16th Jan, that now means that baby will be born by 2nd Jan at the latest. A New Year baby! Poor thing. We have discussed, in all earnestness, the pros and cons of birthdays around New Year, with most people pointing out that no-one wants to either organise or attend a birthday on 1st Jan as we’ll all have hangovers, including Baby when s/he grows up. I don’t even know as yet if we have much of a choice (though we are paying for it) but most people say Jan is better than, say 30th or 31st Dec, and the 2nd is better than the 1st. Hmmm.

Tthis is a serious discussion by intelligent adults, you understand.

What do you think?

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