Tajik Peaches

Tajik Peaches

Our wonderful neighbour always brings back treats from her home country, Tajikistan.  Gorgeous dried apricots, walnuts, pistachios and prunes which are devoured instantly in our family.  This year she surpassed herself and brought peaches.  Peaches!  I can’t remember the last time I even saw a peach let alone ate one.  Having eaten them at home by the truckful she picked the most green and unripe ones she could find and ferried them 36 hours back to Yangon to share with friends and neighbours.  Honestly, the fragrance was amazing and I didn’t even think of sharing with the kids.

Imagine her consternation then, when she got home one day to find all her peaches gone!  All her carefully chosen, lovingly packed and tenderly deposited fruit left in the fridge for safe keeping.  Where had they all gone?

“Oh” said the housekeeper, “they looked like they might be off so I made them into a pie.”.

Oh, indeed.  Oh oh oh dear….


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