Top Yangon Blogs

Apparently there are some 10 000 blogs in Myanmar and therefore it would be impossible to list them all here!  However, here is a selection of very popular English language blogs from expats.  You can also access local blogs via two great directories; and

  1.  Feisty Blue Gecko is an award winning blogger who has lived in Yangon for over four years and chronicles her life as a development worker and breast cancer survivor.  Gripping reading, she posts regularly and has an inspiring take on life.
  2.  Becky is another award winner, and a super resourceful writer who happily shares all her ups and downs of life in Myanmar with her readers.  From culture shock to divorce in an expat community, she’s not afraid to tackle all the issues straight on. She’s also made some super resourceful libraries with links to all sorts of information, including a special tab for expat kids. Sign up for her newsletter and get her gorgeous Expat Manifestos; there’s even one just for the children!
  3. Julian Ray is a photographer who shares images on his blog, which often, as he says, resist being defined into simple categories.  Check out the Burma section though, it’s beautiful.
  4.  An often humorous and wry look at life in Myanmar, you can find posts on the cost of living (for expats), how to negotiate Yangon traffic and Burmese hblogospitality, plus more.
  5.  Gorgeous looking blogsite with tonnes of tips and tricks for both visitors and residents alike. Lovely photos and short, snappy posts about finding the best bread and living in a cash economy, and much more. Highly recommended.
  6. by respected journalist Douglas Long is a great read, often describing his intrepid journeys around Myanmar, often to less-visited places and to those that have newly opened up.  In his own words;  “I try to explore aspects of Myanmar that can’t be gleaned from reading Lonely Planet. Content includes travel and culture articles, photographs, book and music reviews, complaints about the atrocious cycling conditions in Yangon, and the occasional video link. Nothing on business or real estate though — soul-killing subjects in which I have zero interest.”. Don’t forget to check out his column for the Myanmar Times too. A favourite!
  7.  Jessica Mudditt is another journalist with an interesting life and an intreresting take on life!  It mostly contains articles on business, culture and society that she has written for various newspapers such as The Bangkok Post, as well as some tips about living in Yangon and travel in Myanmar. Jessica is a regular blogger and a great person too (I have to say that, she interviewed me once and it was great fun!)
  8. Is essentially a photo blog by a very talented photographer, Chris James White, who can also be found here;  Really gorgeous stuff.

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