I’m going to confess something …

I’m going to confess something … I wasn’t always great at being visible. 🫣

In fact, I count myself as an observer. I like to people watch, take my time, size things up before I join in.  Even then I’m a listener, a quizzer, a great deflector – I can spend a whole conversation talking about you and revealing little about myself.

You see, in spite of being a performer and loving centre stage, I’m also really good at hiding, blending in, ghosting …​​​​ 👻👻

Because the reason I became an actress was to hide. Hide behind characters and other personas. Hide behind a script, costumes and bright lights.  Relate with a camera, emote with an inanimate object.  Play to an audience I can’t see, be directed by someone else, just out of sight. 

​And all of it blissfully not me.

So becoming an entrepreneur where you have to be your business, where you are, essentially, selling yourself by being 100% authentic is, well, 100% out of my comfort zone. Talking about myself, my skills, my ‘why’ is super uncomfortable.

But. Acting has given me a way in.  I’ve found some shortcuts.  For example, I love, love, love talking to a camera. I know how to connect with my ​most anchored, truest voice. I can craft a good story. And I have approximately 2497 ways of getting over stage fright. 😱😂

I also know the power of having someone in your corner, backing you up, putting you back together when you’re at your most fragile. Guiding you without interfering in your creative process, supporting your choices while challenging your limiting beliefs.  Like an A-list director, seeing the bigger picture when you can’t.  🎞️🎞️

Or, like a really great coach.

​​​That’s my superpower.​  🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️

And when you get women together in a room (virtual or otherwise) you can easily 10x that power. We can combine our forces and create magic! ✨

Which is why I’ve created the most magnetic container for you. A group coaching programme with a small cohort of brilliant women learning how to make their business fun, easy and profitable again. Going against the grain of all the 30-Day intensives and get-rich-quick-schemes, I’m making this a spacious, easeful 6-month mastermind. Plenty of time to learn yes, but also plenty of time to reflect, to rest, to take care of yourself and reconnect with your creativity and flair. Time to step into the spotlight and allow the magic to happen.  👏👏

If you’d like to know what’s inside the Magnetic Mastermind (and hear about the early bird bonuses) DM me the word ME and we’ll go from there. 

It’s time to banish the overwhelm, rewrite the script and dazzle your way to a standing ovation – and an income you deserve. 💖💖💖

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