Dear Future Client

I see you. I see you wanting more out of life, wanting financial freedom, taking the brave step to start your own business so you can schedule time around your family and the people and activities that are important to you.

I see you hiding. Hiding your brilliance and experience behind a myriad of strategies, so that you can keep working and remain invisible.

You look to the experts and see how they are doing it. You buy the blueprints, the planners, the workbooks and diligently complete them.

You read the books, listen to the podcasts and hoover up all the challenges and bootcamps and webinars.

Maybe you spend time at your desk every day, designing landing pages, sales funnels and beautiful social media posts. Because you can’t possibly launch your offer until you’ve done ‘this before that’. 

Or you like to ‘design at the whiteboard’ by coming up with endless (and brilliant) ideas for your clients, more offers, different offers, other niches, and on and on.

This can spill over into ‘overcomplicating and endless polishing’ when you keep adding more and more into your offers. Endlessly editing your graphics and crafting emails until you will feel ready (clue: you will never feel ready).

Lots of brilliant women like you and me hide by ‘curating others’ ideas’. Like those podcasts you listen to, where the host interviews a series of awesome people because she’s really afraid to voice her own opinion.

My favourite way to hide is ‘omitting my own story’. I devalue my personal experience by quoting others, assigning credibility to institutions and ‘experts’ and preface my conversations with ‘I read this thing …’ or ‘Such and such says …’ instead of owning my opinions. I know that power lies in sharing our own stories and encourage my clients to do this all the time.  But me? Not so much (I’m working hard to change this!).

I’m also part of the ‘evermore education’ crowd. Maybe I need just one more qualification, a course on this, a training on that, before I will feel fully competent in this area. Shiny object syndrome? Hell yes! (I’m working hard to change this too!).

Here’s the thing – the ACTUAL thing. If you wait to feel ready you will never feel ready. To run a business you have to be visible, you have to stop hiding your awesomeness (and doing your customers a huge disservice). You have to tell people about yourself and yes, we do want to see you on a screen and talking to us live, like an actual conversation.

Because my friend, I know 1000% that you are knowledgeable, wise, experienced, skilled and talented. You have stories to tell, scars to show and a shit ton of money to earn.  This is your time to shine and no-one deserves it more than you. 

If you want a guide on your journey to visibility, with tonnes of super practical advice and yes, personal experience, then let’s talk about the Magnetic Mastermind. My new group coaching programme that will give you the tools you need to a) overcome Impostor Syndrome and be seen as the go-to expert you already are, b) create your aligned, juicy, magnetic message that will be like a clarion call to your dream clients and c) design your very own, bespoke and SIMPLE visibility strategy that will turn your audience into raving fans AND buyers.

DM me the word MAGNETIC and we will take it from there.

Wealthy women change the world, so you need to start NOW!

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