Consistency is Key

Consistency is key.

How do you feel about that?

We are constantly bombarded with messages that social media platforms NEED us to be consistent. We need to post daily, twice a day, schedule posts in advance, never leave our audience ‘alone’ without our presence, never take a break or go on holiday or you will lose your followers, your business will die and you will switch off the algorithm and have to start over.

Gah! It can get quite overwhelming.

I get it. We do need to ‘feed’ the algorithm and yes, audiences have short attention spans these days. But we are also human beings. Our lives are cyclical, like seasons (and periods) and there are some days we’re flying high and others where we only want to communicate with the underside of the duvet.

So how do we balance this? The need to be consistent with the need to be human?

First up, acknowledge that it’s OK to find this bit hard. Lots of people do. (In fact, it’s the number 1 question my clients ask me all the time – how do I get more consistent with showing up on social media?)

Then recognise your own coping mechanisms, do you;  

✨ procrastinate

✨ distract yourself

✨ practice a bit of avoidance

✨ get lost in busyness,  or 

✨ simply give up and reach for the remote? (Again, so common). 

Once you are aware of this behaviour, it’s easier to check it and not let it run riot.

But it takes practice. And this is the final key. Because the answer to becoming more consistent – in anything – is to practice and prepare.

Prep like a Ninja my friend, and consistency will no longer be such a hurdle. Why? Because when you prep like crazy, everything becomes EASY. So easy that moving forward is the simplest course of action. Like a swan you have paddled like mad under the water and now it’s time to float along the currents with ease.

As actors, we use this process again and again until it becomes second nature. For every project you prep like a loon, then you rehearse (practice) and ONLY then do you step out on stage or on to a film set.

It’s the same with marketing your business. Yes you need to get everything in place, from brainstorming content ideas to figuring out your overarching strategy (no more chucking spaghetti at the wall!) but once you do that …

ALL you have left to do is get on with it!

Then you repeat your process, schedule it out (recommended) and let your creativity flow. Because once all the foundations are taken care of, you can stop expending your energy on the ‘stuff’ that keeps you anxious and stops you taking action.

No more avoiding social media, getting stuck in procrastination or hiding away from it all. Heck, I’m sure you’ve even thought about quitting at times!

Which is why I take my clients through a step by step process to build out their Visibility Strategy. There’s a framework, there’s a checklist, there’s all the tips I have about ‘performing’, plus we focus on goals so that you don’t veer off course and we make sure that you’re connecting with your audience. We brainstorm content ideas so you never have to be at a loss for words again. And then we co-create your Visibility Strategy that is personal to you. No more overwhelm, no more avoidance – we prep like Ninjas so that you never have to worry about consistency again.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Even better, we get ALL this done in a super supportive group of women like you, all on the same journey to get more visible, get more confident and get more clients! When you join the Magnetic Mastermind we start with a 1:1 strategy session, a deep dive into your business and we start building your bespoke strategy right away. By the end of our time together you will have the most effortless, most straightforward, most YOU plan for reaching your dream clients and  a clear picture of how to connect with them, using the strategy you now have.

The Visibility Strategy is one of 3 core components that make up the Magnetic Mastermind, the other two are Powerful Positioning and Magnetic Messaging.

Because – Consistency is key.

It’s also totally achievable!

Comment MASTERMIND for more info.

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