No-one could hear her speak …

“She is so quiet, no one can hear her speak.”

That one sentence was to change the course of my life. 

No, it’s not a line from a play I’ve been in, or from a movie script. This was real life.

Maria was my very first coaching client and those words were spoken by her mother. At age 11, Maria had become so withdrawn and so quiet that even her family couldn’t hear her any longer. It was causing a lot of problems at home and at school.

Her mum was one of the many mums at the school gates and we had sons in the same class. She remembered I was an actress so she wanted to know if I knew anyone that might be able to help with Maria’s voice?

Yes, I said without hesitation, I can do that.


Because, like most actors, I was used to grabbing any opportunity that came my way and – paid work? YES please. So I said Yes without really thinking it through.

But – I had in fact become a newly qualified Life Coach so … I love to help people, no matter what the circumstances.

That first session with Maria I borrowed a function room off a mate who worked in a pub. It was huge, with a stage and everything. Talk about overkill! Maria, unsurprisingly, didn’t want to get on the stage so spent some time politely watching me be an idiot demonstrating all my vocal warm ups.

She must have liked something about it though, because she wanted to come back again the next week – this time we met in my living room, to keep it in perspective! 

And that’s how my journey into coaching began. It turned out that, aside from the vocal exercises, what Maria really needed was a good listening to. We talked about all sorts, school, relationships, bullies, books and developing a relationship with your inner critic (she was super wise, at age 11, I was so blown away). We talked a LOT about developing confidence and what that looks like and feels like. She certainly wasn’t quiet when she was with me!

Her mum was blown away too, by the difference our sessions made.  That kind of transformation is hard to beat and the feeling that I had something to do with it? Magic.

That’s the transformation I know my clients deserve. To have a safe space to open up and be themselves, to discover how bloody amazingly brilliant they really are. I know for certain that YOU have amazing skills, experiences and knowledge and that hiding your light and being invisible is really doing the world a disservice.

Yes, even introverts like Maria can shine and should shine, bright like the brightest star. And of course I want you to share that with us by stepping on to your stage, into your spotlight, and giving us your message in a totally authentically, wonderfully unique voice – your voice!

You might assume that being visible (especially on social media) is for the brave, the outgoing, the extroverts. The people who like to chatter and network like ninjas. The entrepreneurs that seem to be on a screen, everywhere, coaching, training, delivering on a daily basis.

But. What if – even though you feel petrified at the thought – you went and hit Record right now and made a video  anyway? Or, posted your offer with a call to action to contact you? With no agenda, no plan, no thinking it-has-to-be-perfect or I’m-not-looking-great or I don’t have the time or the tech skills or, or, or … 

What if, like Maria, you went along and met a somewhat over-enthusiastic, out-of-work-actress and had a go at some of the tips she gave you? And then you came back the following week to see what might happen?

I guarantee you my friend, that change is possible. Even if you feel like a total newbie when it comes to marketing, visibility and attracting your dream clients, you KNOW that you need this kind of content to reach and connect with your clients (and potential clients). And they NEED to see you and hear about the amazing products and services you can offer them.

Now. How about I hold your hand every step of the way? I give you a safe space, with supportive people just like you, to practice and take action. I give you a step by step system for building out your own personalised visibility strategy,  tailor made and utterly YOU, so that standing in the spotlight, in your expert energy, feels like the most natural thing in the world. We prep like crazy so that everything is set up for you and all you have to do is talk about your biz and the amazing changes YOU make in people’s lives, like the expert you are.

In fact, on the Magnetic Mastermind we start with a 1:1 deep dive into your business, your dreams and goals and look at what you need to do to get there, fast. (We look at what might be getting in your way too, the kind of things I call Visibility Blocks). Then we use this to start building your Visibility Strategy.

During the Mastermind we also work together to come up with a gazillion content ideas and how to structure your plan, so that you are never stuck for ideas again. 

In fact, your Visibility Strategy will be DONE forever. Tick that ‘chore’ off the endless, entrepreneurial to-do list and move on to getting clients and INCOME, faster than ever before.

You could, like Maria did, opt to stay quiet and watch from the sidelines as others take action and take their business to a new level. You could get quieter and more invisible until no one can hear you.

That’s not what I want for you.

I want you to take that first step, like Maria did, and be open to the transformation that will happen – I’ve seen petrified clients go from posting only once a week, avoiding going live and videos like the plague and being social media wallflowers to total visibility queens in less than 3 weeks! 

We cover all of this and more in the Magnetic Mastermind, my powerful group coaching programme for wonderful women like you. With built-in self care time and an easeful 6 months to totally transform your business, we cover your Powerful Positioning, your Magnetic Messaging and your personalised Visibility Strategy.

Not ready to jump in just yet? I get it. Let’s connect over a coffee and chat about you and your business and your visibility blocks with no obligation and no sales chat. Take the first step and book in via this link:

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