About Me

I’m short, blonde and Swedish!  That’s how most people describe me.  Can’t complain, I’ve been short all my life (5′ nothing) and that’s down to my Dad, who was a jockey (also 5′ nothing).  Aside from an early addiction to high heels, and the odd occasion I have to ask for help reaching the higher shelves in supermarkets, this has not held me back.  Much. Except being cast opposite giants of course, which is comedy gold but can make ahem, ‘intimate’ scenes a bit of a challenge.  That, and having kids who are wearing my shoes (at age 8) or who are soon to tower over me (age 10).   Hmmm.


I’m a professional actress, voice and confidence coach, workshop facilitator, superstar administrator, comedy improviser, occasional stand up and previously a Sybil Fawlty impersonator and Kylie Minogue double.  My current role is that of a middle-aged menopausal Wonder Woman (a small one).  I’m aiming for multiple income streams, creative freelancing and brilliant parenting which sounds awesome, but ultimately getting through the day without reaching for a bottle of wine is what I  call an Achievement.

In the eleven years since I met my husband we have moved around a fair bit; London, Nairobi (Kenya), Yangon (Myanmar) and now Belfast (Northern Ireland).  Like all actors I’ve done my share of holding down a bazillion jobs to work around auditions and productions, including memorable stints as a pub cleaner, PA to a celebrity psychiatrist, and sorting out dog claims for a pet insurance company.  I’ve held down proper jobs of course, loving my time as a trainer, events organiser and workshop facilitator.  I’m currently the Course Co-ordinator for the Foundation Acting Course run by Rose Bruford Collegehere in Belfast and I get to teach the students too – a job I LOVE!

Acting work includes both theatre and film, most recently in Border Stories with The Light 2000 Theatre Company and The Penelopiad with She Wolf Theatre Collective.  The 6th Guest is a short film by Callum Janes which will be completed this year, but I’m probably best known for my first feature film The Zombie Diaries.  I’m also part of Northern Ireland’s longest running comedy improv troupe, Wonder Frog which is endless fun and keeps me on my toes!

On the home front,  in 2018 my eldest son was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism (HFA), more commonly known as Aspergers, but now referred to as simply ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).  Through this process we discovered my husband is also an Aspie and I know that other members of our families are too – some yet to be diagnosed!  Whilst usually exhausting, occasionally mentally taxing and often frustrating, it has been a HUGE and positive learning curve.  It’s also given me LOADS of material for my foray into stand up comedy.

You’ll be surprised to learn that I’m quite a chatty person and love to connect people (bring on the networking) so I’ve founded my dream business in Generally Speaking – helping you to speak up, speak out and be heard!  Please do get in touch if you think I can help in any way – a 15 minute discovery call is a great way to start.

Let’s talk!