About Me

In the summer of 2018 my 9 year old son was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism (HFA), more commonly known as Aspergers, but now referred to as simply ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).  Through this process we discovered my husband is also an Aspie and I know that other members of our families are too – some yet to be diagnosed!

I write about the rollercoaster life of a neurotypical mum and wife dealing with ASD from all directions.  Whilst usually exhausting, occasionally mentally taxing and often frustrating, it has been a HUGE and positive learning curve.  By writing it down I hope to make some sense of it and perhaps also find others to share experiences with.

Me?  I’m a professional actress, voice and confidence coach, workshop facilitator, superstar administrator, comedy improviser, occasional stand up and previously a Sybil Fawlty impressionist and Kylie Minogue double.  My current role is that of a chunky middle-aged menopausal wreck.  I’m aiming for multiple income streams, creative freelancing and brilliant parenting which sounds awesome but ultimately getting through the day without reaching for a bottle of wine is what I  call an Achievement.

In life I adhere to one rule;  LOOK FOR THE COMEDY IN ALL SITUATIONS!

Let’s see how that works out…

Welcome xx