Week 2, in which I am An Unfit Mother

Wednesday morning I wake and immediately know something is terribly wrong with my back. I can barely move. Not in itself unusual, especially when one wakes wedged between two hot boys, but this time it’s bad. It’s an old lower back injury, from a riding accident aged 13. It’s given me trouble all my life, … Continue reading Week 2, in which I am An Unfit Mother

And so it begins… Week 2

We got back from skiing on the Saturday night and on Sunday went to see Uncle Gilbert, who had managed the mean feat of spending both Christmas and New Year in hospital with a suspected dicky heart. Thankfully he got the all clear but at the age of 88, with a quadruple bypass behind you, … Continue reading And so it begins… Week 2

Start as you mean to go on … Week 1

So healthwise I started the year by being sick, naturally. Having spent Christmas coughing up gak and feeling very wheezy and out of breath (‘just a virus’!) I went to bed early on New Year’s Eve, in preparation for our skiing holiday. Whilst watching The Sound of Music on New Year’s Day I started feeling … Continue reading Start as you mean to go on … Week 1

The Year of Health and Fitness

So 2016 is to be the Year of Health and Fitness in our family and I have decided to chronicle our journey by re-awakening my blog. Yayy, I hear you say, what could be more exciting than reading about other people’s ailments? I know, right? Well be warned, this may turn out to be horrifically … Continue reading The Year of Health and Fitness

Top Gear: Burma Special, Part one. A Review

Just wanted to highlight this as my friends back home (that’s my UK home, not my other ones) have been talking quite a bit about this programme. I haven’t seen this particular episode but know Top Gear well, partly thanks to endless re-runs on Asian satellite TV channels… however I’m sure I would be in agreement with Cliff!

a life outside parentheses

I’m not a Top Gear aficionado, I’ve seen it once or twice, I know it exists. And I am aware of the pleasure it brings to millions of TV viewers around the world.

And if seeing Diana Ross driving around a race track in an Austin Maxi is your kind of thing then that’s fine by me.

But this is the first ever episode of Top Gear that I have actually intentionally watched, and only because I had a vested interest in the subject.

And I won’t be watching part two.

Did you know that in the UK it is possible, through careful channel hopping to view Top Gear twenty four hours a day, every day, and as far as the TV scheduling allows, and based on the number of programs that they have produced this could be possibly be continued for all eternity?

Perhaps this is what awaits us…

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Business Cards

Business Cards Will Take Over Your Life One of the things you will notice when landing in Yangon, is the proliferation of business cards. Not only the domain of businessmen and women, these cards can be found in every shop, restaurant, bar and office.  Because of the previous lack of internet connectivity, or laptops, handsets … Continue reading Business Cards

How to Find a Nanny Part II

Following on from How to Find a Nanny Part I - http://wp.me/p1MPyQ-5X So apart from actually finding a person to mind your children, what are the other things you need to take into consideration?  Far from an exhaustive list, here are a few things to think about;  Salary.  The best thing to do here is talk … Continue reading How to Find a Nanny Part II

Top Yangon Blogs

Apparently there are some 10 000 blogs in Myanmar and therefore it would be impossible to list them all here!  However, here is a selection of very popular English language blogs from expats.  You can also access local blogs via two great directories;  http://allmyanmarblogs.blogspot.com/ and http://myanmarblogdirectory.blogspot.com/  http://feistybluegeckofightsback.wordpress.com/  Feisty Blue Gecko is an award winning blogger … Continue reading Top Yangon Blogs