Secrets of a Successful Playgroup

Hosting a playgroup is one of the best ways of getting to know people and finding friends for your children. Of course your kids will always prefer to play with someone else’s toys but they also enjoy the opportunity to have friends round and show theirs off! It really doesn’t take too much effort, but … Continue reading Secrets of a Successful Playgroup

Tummy Bugs

Tummy Bugs Whether a short-term visitor or long-term resident, you won’t get away without a few bouts of upset tummy whilst in Yangon.  Some are more sensitive than others but it will take time for your gut to become accustomed to its new surroundings and bacteria, and your physical health will be compromised by the … Continue reading Tummy Bugs

Useful Resources for the Yangon Expat

As Myanmar gets its infrastructure together and internet becomes more accessible and available (and sometimes faster too!) a wealth of useful sites, groups and resources are available. Here is a roundup of some of the best; Yangon Expat Connection.  This is a googlegroup that has been going for almost three years and has over 3000 … Continue reading Useful Resources for the Yangon Expat

PRISM Brain Mapping

I was lucky enough to attend a half day PRISM Brain Mapping Workshop in Yangon recently, run by Ian Davies of Team Thinking.  In a nutshell, PRISM is about understanding behaviour through neuroscience and it appealed to me because I am always fascinated by people’s behaviour – and my own! The workshop promises to help … Continue reading PRISM Brain Mapping

Tajik Peaches

Our wonderful neighbour always brings back treats from her home country, Tajikistan.  Gorgeous dried apricots, walnuts, pistachios and prunes which are devoured instantly in our family.  This year she surpassed herself and brought peaches.  Peaches!  I can’t remember the last time I even saw a peach let alone ate one.  Having eaten them at home … Continue reading Tajik Peaches


No doubt, Yangon has its fair share of mosquitoes.  Mozzies here tend to be small, quiet and fierce!  A recent visitor from Scandinavia, no stranger to mosquitoes because of the abundance of water and forests there, commented that they were like stealth insects because their small size makes them so hard to detect – until … Continue reading Mosquitoes

Top 5 Socially Responsible Businesses in Yangon

Top 5 Socially Responsible Businesses in Yangon Want to shop, eat or do some business in Yangon and feel that you are actually making a difference at the same time?  Look no further than these five companies which have all sprung up around town in the last three years.   Whilst Corporate Social Responsibility has become … Continue reading Top 5 Socially Responsible Businesses in Yangon

Trade Mark Caution

I love the Myanmar Times; the English version that is.  Probably the most popular newspaper with expats, it has a circulation of around 500 000.  I have subscribed for the past year and it gets delivered to my house every Monday (which is a good job because it’s actually quite hard to find in stores … Continue reading Trade Mark Caution