Long Haul with a Toddler

07.09.2011 Long Haul with a Toddler Not that I’m an expert by any means but Alfie has just clocked up his 20th flight this year alone, at least 4 of which were long haul, ie 12 hours– and that’s not including connections and travel time either side. Some of it was done with a partner, … Continue reading Long Haul with a Toddler

Crazy Days

08.05.2011 Crazy Days Blimey, hadn’t realised it was a full month since I last posted a blog. Oops, I believe that is terribly bad etiquette in the blogging world and a sure-fire way of losing readers. Seeing as mine are mostly family, it probably isn’t that easy! In any case our days are getting crazy … Continue reading Crazy Days

When Alfie Was Sick

16.03.2011 When Alfie Was SickOn Monday 7th March Pete set gaily off for the far off region of Chin state, in the north of Myanmar, to visit some of his clinics for the first time. A three day journey there and three days back plus plenty of time allowed for reaching the villages meant he … Continue reading When Alfie Was Sick

Our Boy is a Cuddle Monster

02.03.2011 Our Boy is a Cuddle MonsterIt’s time for an Alfie update so unless you’re a grandparent or otherwise interested party I’d move on because I’m going to wax lyrical about our boy, again.He loves cuddling! Sometimes, not always. But he has a lovely way of burrowing his face into your neck and sqeezing you … Continue reading Our Boy is a Cuddle Monster

Letter to My Aussie Cousins

15.02.2011 Letter to my Aussie CousinsDear Ala, Katie and Ruari (and Auntie Susan and Uncle Mark)I hope you are having fun in Australia. Are you getting sunburnt? I have to wear suncream AND mozzie stuff EVERY day! I hear you have a pool like we have, isn’t it great? I swim nearly every day and … Continue reading Letter to My Aussie Cousins

Pamela, Aggy, Alice and Me

11.02.2011 Pamela, Aggie, Alice and MeJust a quick Nairobi footnote; we are still in touch with our fantastic housekeeper and childminder extraordinaire, Pamela, who writes us lovely chatty emails when she can. Her daughter Aggie is doing very well in school, often coming in the top 2 of her class and they will be going … Continue reading Pamela, Aggy, Alice and Me

Another Day at the Coalface

24.01.2011 Another Day at the CoalfaceAnother day at the coalface, watching Alfie shriek his way through nursery. Actually that is not true, merely what I had been dreading yesterday at the thought of taking him to Rainbows again. Today he barely looked in my direction and played happily with much less shouting, even sitting through … Continue reading Another Day at the Coalface

Motherly Doubts

19.01.11 Motherly DoubtsSo we have signed up for Rainbows and started our ‘induction’ today. Obviously, to ensure a good start, we both had a terrible night’s sleep, Alfie being awake for the best part of 3 hours, most of them spent thrashing around mummy’s bed (Daddy is away in Bangkok). So he was hanging tired … Continue reading Motherly Doubts

Childcare Options

14.01.11 Childcare OptionsSo today I took Alfie to Rainbow Children’s House which had been recommended to me as a great nursery. He absolutely loved it! Marched straight in to one of the rooms and started playing. It had a lovely feel to it and Maggie, the owner, was very warm and welcoming and the rooms … Continue reading Childcare Options