Baby’s Birthday

So, following the diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes, the next bombshell was that we’ll be having a planned C-section at 38 weeks. This is because GD babies are always on the big side, and as we know already I tend to throw a big foal (in the immortal words of my father, though he was talking … Continue reading Baby’s Birthday

Gestational Diabetes

So I’ve been diagnosed with GD and frankly, it’s a pain in the arse. I did the obligatory blood sugar test a couple of weeks ago (the old fashioned way here in Myanmar of course, which involves fasting then drinking vast amounts of sugar and having a blood and urine test after an hour and … Continue reading Gestational Diabetes

Life Threatening Illness

Life Threatening Illness As this is a chronicle of family life with the Wilson Blades’s I can’t really go without mentioning our recent adventure with Pete’s Life-Threatening-Illness, as it has now become known in the family. Now that we are able to, erhem, laugh about it so to speak… Pete had a lot of field … Continue reading Life Threatening Illness

Breakfast in Bangkok

Breakfast in Bangkok We’re back home from our 5th stay in Bangkok in 9 months and I’m getting used to the city and finding my way around. We’ve stayed for a variety of reasons, time periods and in most cases in 4* accommodation but what is depressingly consistent every time is that breakfast is really … Continue reading Breakfast in Bangkok