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Decluttering Tips

Things I have learned from the Great Declutter (and beyond):  Have receptacles handy - by which I mean binliners, boxes, carrier bags, whatever.  You need to put the stuff you are getting rid of in something, not just pile it up somewhere, creating more clutter. Take it away as soon as possible, the next day… Continue reading Decluttering Tips

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Mental Health Awareness

Did you realise this week is Mental Health Awareness Week? Well for starters go and check out the very excellent Jeremy Vine programme on BBC Radio 2. Each day Jeremy is talking about a different topic, such as self harm, anorexia and bipolar disorder. This particular clip is about depression. Now I am totally biased because… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness

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I love sleep, who doesn't?  As I get olderI notice more and more what  a difference it makes in my life.  A good night's sleep is like gold; sets me up for a productive day, restores my sense of humour and enables me to deal with the kids in a more present,  less distracted, way.… Continue reading Sleep