Thingyan Expectations

07.04.2011 Thingyan – Expectations So Thingyan (pron. tin-jan) is almost upon us. It is the annual Water Festival and VERY important in the Myanmar calendar, closely followed by the New Year which is, rather handily, the week after. It’s all to do with moons and Buddhism. This year it all kicks off on 12th April … Continue reading Thingyan Expectations

Yangon First Impressions

13.01.11 Yangon First ImpressionsTraffic! Yangon has a population of 6million so is not as tiny as I assumed. And bearing in mind the admonishment from Pete’s organisation that We Must Not Drive* and that even the rustiest bucket cost an average of $20 000, I kind of assumed there wouldn’t be so many cars. But … Continue reading Yangon First Impressions

Inya Lake Hotel

02.01.11 Inya Lake HotelSo here we are in Yangon, ensconsed in the rather fantastic Inya Lake Hotel. When we arrived, via a 15 minute drive from the airport, Alfie and I were welcomed by an army of concierges on the majestic porch, who took care of our luggage while we wandered through the foyer (we … Continue reading Inya Lake Hotel

Alfie Update – First Steps!

Alfie took his first steps yesterday!!!!! At 11 months almost exactly. Just casually strolled over to Daddy, taking 3 steady steps without fanfare. Mummy and Daddy (the only witnesses, but the ones that count) got so excited and whooped and cheered and clapped so loudly he burst into tears. Which may not be exactly the … Continue reading Alfie Update – First Steps!

Nairobi First Impressions

We’ve been here a whole week already and it some ways we have settled right in. And in some ways there are an awful lot of things to get used to…(Note for grandparents and others short of time, you may wish to scroll down to the Alfie Update at this point.)So much to tell! Where … Continue reading Nairobi First Impressions