Oscar’s Heart Murmur

Last June we took Oscar to the docs for yet another infernal infection, poor mite, and during the routine check of ears, throat, lungs etc the doctor found a heart murmur*. That moment is etched in my heart forever. All the clichés came true in one fell swoop. Time stood still. It felt like an … Continue reading Oscar’s Heart Murmur

School Nurse and School Dinners

The School Nurse rang me recently. Alfie’s height and weight had been flagged up during her first visit, last year during P1. He was then on the 99th centile for both, so she had requested another appointment and was calling me with the results. She was inordinately relieved to hear that we were well aware … Continue reading School Nurse and School Dinners

The Year of Health and Fitness

So 2016 is to be the Year of Health and Fitness in our family and I have decided to chronicle our journey by re-awakening my blog. Yayy, I hear you say, what could be more exciting than reading about other people’s ailments? I know, right? Well be warned, this may turn out to be horrifically … Continue reading The Year of Health and Fitness