Thingyan Expectations

07.04.2011 Thingyan – Expectations So Thingyan (pron. tin-jan) is almost upon us. It is the annual Water Festival and VERY important in the Myanmar calendar, closely followed by the New Year which is, rather handily, the week after. It’s all to do with moons and Buddhism. This year it all kicks off on 12th April … Continue reading Thingyan Expectations

Secretary of the Women’s Blingstitute

18.03.2011 Secretary of the Women’s Blingstitute Yep, I have been elected Secretary of the International Friends Group, mentioned in an earlier blogpost. Not sure how that happened, except it was on their River Cruise event and I’d had a few warm white wines whilst gazing at a gorgeous sunset… Still, it’s been a while since … Continue reading Secretary of the Women’s Blingstitute

More Transport Woes

09.03.2011 More Transport WoesSo we’ve looked at some cars to hire so that we can avoid the taxi nightmare during hot and rainy season. There is no car hire company here, so you go through an intermediary (number provided by someone in Pete’s office. Grudging thanks for that). He then takes you round to see … Continue reading More Transport Woes

Our Boy is a Cuddle Monster

02.03.2011 Our Boy is a Cuddle MonsterIt’s time for an Alfie update so unless you’re a grandparent or otherwise interested party I’d move on because I’m going to wax lyrical about our boy, again.He loves cuddling! Sometimes, not always. But he has a lovely way of burrowing his face into your neck and sqeezing you … Continue reading Our Boy is a Cuddle Monster

The Ambassadors’ Wives

04.03.2011 The Ambassadors’ WivesThere are 3 main groups of expats out here, with another 4th subgroup I suppose you could call it. They are the diplomats, the corporate wives, the NGO staffers and the teachers of all the aforementioned’s children.In the main I hang out with diplomats, in particular the German crowd. I’m not sure … Continue reading The Ambassadors’ Wives

Money Matters

06.01.11 Money MattersThe official currency here is the kyat (pronounced ‘chat’) and it has no connection to any other currency in the world. So the exchange rate is a bit arbitrary to say the least. The official rate, according to the Myanamar government (which recently held very successful multi-party democratic elections by the way, as … Continue reading Money Matters