No doubt, Yangon has its fair share of mosquitoes.  Mozzies here tend to be small, quiet and fierce!  A recent visitor from Scandinavia, no stranger to mosquitoes because of the abundance of water and forests there, commented that they were like stealth insects because their small size makes them so hard to detect – until … Continue reading Mosquitoes

Top 5 Socially Responsible Businesses in Yangon

Top 5 Socially Responsible Businesses in Yangon Want to shop, eat or do some business in Yangon and feel that you are actually making a difference at the same time?  Look no further than these five companies which have all sprung up around town in the last three years.   Whilst Corporate Social Responsibility has become … Continue reading Top 5 Socially Responsible Businesses in Yangon

Trade Mark Caution

I love the Myanmar Times; the English version that is.  Probably the most popular newspaper with expats, it has a circulation of around 500 000.  I have subscribed for the past year and it gets delivered to my house every Monday (which is a good job because it’s actually quite hard to find in stores … Continue reading Trade Mark Caution

The Cola Wars

The Cola WarsSo Pepsi fired the first salvo in the Cola Wars by announcing, the day after (US) sanctions were lifted, that it would be manufacturing and distributing in Myanmar asap.  There are now rather disturbingly large billboards around town featuring some guy called Messi who apparently drinks Pepsi. This does not make me want … Continue reading The Cola Wars

Banking in Burma

I went to the bank last week.  Not something to write home about, you might think, we all go to the bank now and again (or do we?  Surely it’s all cybervirtual banking these days?).  In any case, this was an eye opener.Contrary to popular belief there are banks here, and even ATM’s these days. … Continue reading Banking in Burma

Living in a Tropical Climate

I’ve always wanted to live somewhere sunny (“but not necessarily hot!” I would quip) because I reckoned life must look very different with eternal sunshine and perhaps I hankered after a slower pace of life.  I think I must have been imagining a Caribbean island!  In any case, here we are in the tropics and … Continue reading Living in a Tropical Climate

The Lady and the Chicken Pie

So my mate A phones me last week, “Where can I get a chicken pie?” she says. Really?  In this weather?  (It’s pushing 30C even at 8am these days).  Yes, she says, a proper English chicken pie.  OK, well, I have some recipes; Delia and Jamie spring to mind.  She can get that off the internet … Continue reading The Lady and the Chicken Pie

Blowing My Own Trumpet

18.11.11 Blowing my own trumpet Almost a year in our new home and I can’t believe how quickly that time has gone. There was a period, early on, when time seemed to have slowed to a standstill but after the first three months I think it accelerated and here we are, a month away from … Continue reading Blowing My Own Trumpet