My Time at St Marian CC, Nairobi

10.03.2011 St Marian Children’s Centre, NairobiI have been remarkably quiet about my voluntary work in Nairobi last summer. I worked, for 2 weeks only, at the St Marian Children’s Centre in the district of South B, about 200m from the Mukuru (Mukomo) slums. I never even wrote about it on my blog.I think of my … Continue reading My Time at St Marian CC, Nairobi

St Marian Children’s Centre, Nairobi Kenya

This is an appeal for the amazing St Marian Children's Centre which is where I did my voluntary work when in Nairobi in the summer. If you don't feel able to contribute financially, then please help by forwarding this appeal or link to my blog/Facebook account to 5 other people who may be able to … Continue reading St Marian Children’s Centre, Nairobi Kenya

Pamela, Aggy, Alice and Me

11.02.2011 Pamela, Aggie, Alice and MeJust a quick Nairobi footnote; we are still in touch with our fantastic housekeeper and childminder extraordinaire, Pamela, who writes us lovely chatty emails when she can. Her daughter Aggie is doing very well in school, often coming in the top 2 of her class and they will be going … Continue reading Pamela, Aggy, Alice and Me

Alfie Update – First Steps!

Alfie took his first steps yesterday!!!!! At 11 months almost exactly. Just casually strolled over to Daddy, taking 3 steady steps without fanfare. Mummy and Daddy (the only witnesses, but the ones that count) got so excited and whooped and cheered and clapped so loudly he burst into tears. Which may not be exactly the … Continue reading Alfie Update – First Steps!

The Car in Front Really is a Toyota

Which is their current advertising slogan. Except over here it is 100% true. I have never seen such a prevalence of one make of car. There must be some shenanigans going on here, no-one can sell that many cars to that many people when there is a globally competitive market. But with a few exceptions … Continue reading The Car in Front Really is a Toyota

Technology is slowing the world down…

as my mate Conal always says. And for me at the moment it's certainly true. Having spent an entire day trying to upload some photos and a video to one of my blog posts, I decided that next time I would simply put it all on Flickr and add the relevant link. Except... my photos … Continue reading Technology is slowing the world down…


They are voting in a referendum here tomorrow and it has been declared a public holiday (no Pamela, how will we manage?)There are some quite fundamental changes proposed, including land reforms and women's right to abortion so it's a big deal. The president is, naturally, behind the 'Yes' campaign and they have been working vigorously. … Continue reading Referendum