Internet Access

So this is the message we get every time we try to access the internet: To browse Internet, please click Accept ________________________________________ Dear Valued Customers, “On 17 October 2011, Due to the failure of SEA-ME-WE 3 submarine fiber optic cable, the Internet connection was unstable. It is being fixed by concerned personnel and during this … Continue reading Internet Access

Ten Things to Do in Yangon

Ten Tourist Things to Do in Yangon With a mind to having guests here in the upcoming dry season (though in fairness baby’s arrival has rather put paid to a lot of planned visits, Nov – Mar being the optimal time to be here and us being in Thailand Dec – Feb) I’ve begun thinking … Continue reading Ten Things to Do in Yangon

Food Shopping

Shopping (from about Feb 2011) I’ve just been food shopping and realise I must jot down some observations before it all becomes too commonplace. I love foreign supermarkets wherever I go but City Mart is certainly an eye-opener. And it is the one supermarket chain geared towards expats. Fruit is like the opposite to home, … Continue reading Food Shopping

Cultural Differences

20.05.2011 Cultural Differences One of the most difficult things to get used to here is that to a Burmese person, delivering bad news is considered very bad form indeed. So much so, that they will go to any lengths to avoid it, even outright lies if necessary. This is hard work for a Western brain … Continue reading Cultural Differences

Visa Hassles

02.04.2011 Visa HasslesWell, what did I expect? A smooth ride? An administrative system that WORKED? Less bureaucracy and more efficiency? What nonsense!The whole visa situation is so dull and tedious I am loathe to write about it but I have to because it puts some of our experiences into context and in any case impacts … Continue reading Visa Hassles

Thingyan Expectations

07.04.2011 Thingyan – Expectations So Thingyan (pron. tin-jan) is almost upon us. It is the annual Water Festival and VERY important in the Myanmar calendar, closely followed by the New Year which is, rather handily, the week after. It’s all to do with moons and Buddhism. This year it all kicks off on 12th April … Continue reading Thingyan Expectations

Secretary of the Women’s Blingstitute

18.03.2011 Secretary of the Women’s Blingstitute Yep, I have been elected Secretary of the International Friends Group, mentioned in an earlier blogpost. Not sure how that happened, except it was on their River Cruise event and I’d had a few warm white wines whilst gazing at a gorgeous sunset… Still, it’s been a while since … Continue reading Secretary of the Women’s Blingstitute