More Transport Woes

09.03.2011 More Transport WoesSo we’ve looked at some cars to hire so that we can avoid the taxi nightmare during hot and rainy season. There is no car hire company here, so you go through an intermediary (number provided by someone in Pete’s office. Grudging thanks for that). He then takes you round to see … Continue reading More Transport Woes

Taxis are Plentiful and Cheap

08.03.2011 Taxis are Plentiful and Cheap Are they f***! OK, let’s get this rant out of the way because it is quickly becoming one of the major bugbears of living in this beautiful country.Taxis ARE plentiful, that is, there’s probably the same amount pro-rata as black cabs in central London. It’s a very common form … Continue reading Taxis are Plentiful and Cheap

A Bus Crashed Into a Chandelier Shop

25.01.11 A Bus Crashed Into a Chandelier ShopA Bus Crashed Into a Chandelier Shop… I wish I could think of a punchline but sadly it’s no joke. We saw the aftermath of a very bad traffic accident on our way to nursery and there was, in fact, the back end of bus sticking out of … Continue reading A Bus Crashed Into a Chandelier Shop

The Car in Front Really is a Toyota

Which is their current advertising slogan. Except over here it is 100% true. I have never seen such a prevalence of one make of car. There must be some shenanigans going on here, no-one can sell that many cars to that many people when there is a globally competitive market. But with a few exceptions … Continue reading The Car in Front Really is a Toyota


They are voting in a referendum here tomorrow and it has been declared a public holiday (no Pamela, how will we manage?)There are some quite fundamental changes proposed, including land reforms and women's right to abortion so it's a big deal. The president is, naturally, behind the 'Yes' campaign and they have been working vigorously. … Continue reading Referendum