Breakfast in Bangkok

Breakfast in Bangkok We’re back home from our 5th stay in Bangkok in 9 months and I’m getting used to the city and finding my way around. We’ve stayed for a variety of reasons, time periods and in most cases in 4* accommodation but what is depressingly consistent every time is that breakfast is really … Continue reading Breakfast in Bangkok

Ten Things to Do in Yangon

Ten Tourist Things to Do in Yangon With a mind to having guests here in the upcoming dry season (though in fairness baby’s arrival has rather put paid to a lot of planned visits, Nov – Mar being the optimal time to be here and us being in Thailand Dec – Feb) I’ve begun thinking … Continue reading Ten Things to Do in Yangon

Long Haul with a Toddler

07.09.2011 Long Haul with a Toddler Not that I’m an expert by any means but Alfie has just clocked up his 20th flight this year alone, at least 4 of which were long haul, ie 12 hours– and that’s not including connections and travel time either side. Some of it was done with a partner, … Continue reading Long Haul with a Toddler

Thailand Beach Holiday

14.04.2011 Thailand Beach Holiday Thailand looked beautiful as we hopped on the first of two ferries on our way to Klong Dao Beach on the island of Koh Lanta. Well, what I could see of it through the driving rain which only intensified the further we got on our journey. A neat 12-hour door-to-door trip; … Continue reading Thailand Beach Holiday

Fade Away and Radiate

02.04.2011 Fade Away and Radiate I almost forgot to mention the Radiation Unit that greeted us at Yangon Airport on our return to Myanmar. This was only for travellers from Japan you understand. They had to go in the IN door of a big cubicle and come out of the OUT door (I’m guessing). It … Continue reading Fade Away and Radiate

Visa Hassles

02.04.2011 Visa HasslesWell, what did I expect? A smooth ride? An administrative system that WORKED? Less bureaucracy and more efficiency? What nonsense!The whole visa situation is so dull and tedious I am loathe to write about it but I have to because it puts some of our experiences into context and in any case impacts … Continue reading Visa Hassles

More Transport Woes

09.03.2011 More Transport WoesSo we’ve looked at some cars to hire so that we can avoid the taxi nightmare during hot and rainy season. There is no car hire company here, so you go through an intermediary (number provided by someone in Pete’s office. Grudging thanks for that). He then takes you round to see … Continue reading More Transport Woes

St Marian Children’s Centre, Nairobi Kenya

This is an appeal for the amazing St Marian Children's Centre which is where I did my voluntary work when in Nairobi in the summer. If you don't feel able to contribute financially, then please help by forwarding this appeal or link to my blog/Facebook account to 5 other people who may be able to … Continue reading St Marian Children’s Centre, Nairobi Kenya

Taxis are Plentiful and Cheap

08.03.2011 Taxis are Plentiful and Cheap Are they f***! OK, let’s get this rant out of the way because it is quickly becoming one of the major bugbears of living in this beautiful country.Taxis ARE plentiful, that is, there’s probably the same amount pro-rata as black cabs in central London. It’s a very common form … Continue reading Taxis are Plentiful and Cheap