I’m a Nosy Old Bag!

I'm a Nosy Old Bag! I am genuinely curious about people, about everyone, about YOU. And I LOVE to ask questions. That's why I'm a coach. Ever since I can remember I've wondered what makes people tick. I'm always asking myself, why do people do they things they do? Why they do 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵? What do … Continue reading I’m a Nosy Old Bag!

No-one could hear her speak …

“She is so quiet, no one can hear her speak.” That one sentence was to change the course of my life.  No, it’s not a line from a play I’ve been in, or from a movie script. This was real life. Maria was my very first coaching client and those words were spoken by her … Continue reading No-one could hear her speak …

Consistency is Key

Consistency is key. How do you feel about that? We are constantly bombarded with messages that social media platforms NEED us to be consistent. We need to post daily, twice a day, schedule posts in advance, never leave our audience 'alone' without our presence, never take a break or go on holiday or you will … Continue reading Consistency is Key

Dear Future Client

I see you. I see you wanting more out of life, wanting financial freedom, taking the brave step to start your own business so you can schedule time around your family and the people and activities that are important to you. I see you hiding. Hiding your brilliance and experience behind a myriad of strategies, … Continue reading Dear Future Client

Shout Out Friday – Vicky Blades

Empowering, inspiring and promoting women who make

Here’s the video of my Shout Out Friday chat with Vicky Blades. Details of the event she mentions, Investing in me, in Belfast next month are below.

Investing in Me – An insightful and inspiring day of mindfulness, coaching and learning to support good mental well-being for those involved in the Arts in NI.
We will be hosting a variety of workshops, classes and talks on the subject of Resilience and Self-Care. Come along and learn practical tips on how to build self care practices in to your life, including yoga, mindfulness, EFT and coaching. 

12 April at 10:00–16:00

Accidental Theatre   12-13 Shaftesbury Square, BT2 7DB Belfast

Other helpful links:

Aware NI

Inspire Well Being

Theatre NI

Lifeline  Dial 0808 808 8000 All of the people who take calls from this number are trained counsellors and there is free crisis counselling for anyone who has the need.

Samaritans – you can call

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Keeping Creative – Leave the dishes

Melanie has a way of putting into words everything I’m thinking and feeling. We are on the same page! Thank you.

Empowering, inspiring and promoting women who make


It used to be that auditions were my job. They came in every week. I’d spend my time, learning lines, preparing, traveling in to the centre of London, meeting the casting people or directors and coming home to wait for the call as to whether I was successful or not.

It was a roller coaster of emotions that my mother found very difficult because inevitably I’d call her with excitement about an upcoming role that  I would be auditioning for. Then a couple of days later, I’d call her to share my anxiety about it. Then I’d call her on the day of the audition in the hopes that she’d have some soothing words. Then I’d do the audition and call her for a debrief. Then there’d be the inevitable wait for news, and I’d call her every day moaning about the lack of news. And then there was…

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What's the first thing you do when embarking on a new project?  Buy books of course!  I'm possibly slightly addicted to The Book People who are very naughty and keep sending me little mini-catalogues through the post and tempting me with Very Necessary titles.  Hmmm.  In any case, this is what I purchased; Smart Food … Continue reading Resources

Week 3; in which exercise is banned (sort of).

So exercise is not totally banned, due to my bad back, but Michelle advises that I should avoid all impact work, running, weight training, almost all gym type activities and even yoga and pilates!  I can stick to walking, the cross trainer and a bit of aqua jogging for the next 3 months.  That's put … Continue reading Week 3; in which exercise is banned (sort of).

And so it begins… Week 2

We got back from skiing on the Saturday night and on Sunday went to see Uncle Gilbert, who had managed the mean feat of spending both Christmas and New Year in hospital with a suspected dicky heart. Thankfully he got the all clear but at the age of 88, with a quadruple bypass behind you, … Continue reading And so it begins… Week 2