Alfie Update – First Words

So our son is talking. And talking and talking and talking. At least, in a language he and we understand, if no-one else. He has been burbling away a good long while, and the other day marched up to a lady in front of a notice board and said something very decisive along the lines … Continue reading Alfie Update – First Words

We’re off to Myanmar! (Burma)

We’re off to Burma (Myanmar)! Pete has got a great job with an NGO out there and I’m already mentioning no names so that this blog doesn’t become contentious before we’ve even begun…Life is in limbo at the moment. We are camping out at mum’s in Bristol, having packed, shipped and rented the house in … Continue reading We’re off to Myanmar! (Burma)

Nairobi Railway Museum

I felt I didn’t do this place justice last time I mentioned it, in passing so to speak. So a quick entry all about the wonderful Nairobi Railway Museum. It’s tucked away behind the station proper and a university, down a dusty road so long you think you’ve gone wrong. But finally you get there, … Continue reading Nairobi Railway Museum

There’s a Hole in my Baby!

A couple of weeks ago Daddy was out on the town with Alfie when he decided (Daddy that is, not Alfie) to come off the tube at Kings X forwards, which we all know is breaking the cardinal rule of Tube Travel With Buggy. So the wheels got trapped in the gap which must be … Continue reading There’s a Hole in my Baby!

Coming Home

So our flight is booked for Sunday 12th September. It’s a night flight with BA so we’ll be arriving home early Monday, the day before Alfie’s birthday.I’m looking forward to it but I also have mixed feelings. Now it’s imminent, I’m actually sad our adventure here is coming to a close. I find it hard … Continue reading Coming Home