The Marvellous Dr Christie

Here is an update on Alfie and his terrible cough, as posted here.  This is what happened that very afternoon!  I should mention that he hasn't coughed a speck since.  Not once at all.  Quite mystifying but a great relief! At the Ulster Independent Clinic Dr Sharon Christie takes charge and immediately a battery of tests … Continue reading The Marvellous Dr Christie

Internet Access

So this is the message we get every time we try to access the internet: To browse Internet, please click Accept ________________________________________ Dear Valued Customers, “On 17 October 2011, Due to the failure of SEA-ME-WE 3 submarine fiber optic cable, the Internet connection was unstable. It is being fixed by concerned personnel and during this … Continue reading Internet Access

Our Boy is a Cuddle Monster

02.03.2011 Our Boy is a Cuddle MonsterIt’s time for an Alfie update so unless you’re a grandparent or otherwise interested party I’d move on because I’m going to wax lyrical about our boy, again.He loves cuddling! Sometimes, not always. But he has a lovely way of burrowing his face into your neck and sqeezing you … Continue reading Our Boy is a Cuddle Monster

Alfie Update – First Steps!

Alfie took his first steps yesterday!!!!! At 11 months almost exactly. Just casually strolled over to Daddy, taking 3 steady steps without fanfare. Mummy and Daddy (the only witnesses, but the ones that count) got so excited and whooped and cheered and clapped so loudly he burst into tears. Which may not be exactly the … Continue reading Alfie Update – First Steps!

Nairobi First Impressions

We’ve been here a whole week already and it some ways we have settled right in. And in some ways there are an awful lot of things to get used to…(Note for grandparents and others short of time, you may wish to scroll down to the Alfie Update at this point.)So much to tell! Where … Continue reading Nairobi First Impressions