Connection and Vulnerability

Brene Brown on Vulnerability Great talk by Brene Brown on the importance of vulnerability in our connections with each other. I liked it so much I went on to Amazon to check out her books too! Some of the comments on the TED site are also worth reading. Enjoy! I hope this works - … Continue reading Connection and Vulnerability

Blowing My Own Trumpet

18.11.11 Blowing my own trumpet Almost a year in our new home and I can’t believe how quickly that time has gone. There was a period, early on, when time seemed to have slowed to a standstill but after the first three months I think it accelerated and here we are, a month away from … Continue reading Blowing My Own Trumpet

Internet Access

So this is the message we get every time we try to access the internet: To browse Internet, please click Accept ________________________________________ Dear Valued Customers, “On 17 October 2011, Due to the failure of SEA-ME-WE 3 submarine fiber optic cable, the Internet connection was unstable. It is being fixed by concerned personnel and during this … Continue reading Internet Access

Internet and Telephone

15.01.11 Internet Access and Landline PhoneBecause I haven’t got internet access and the few times I have logged on I’ve been unable to access my blog, some of these entries will be posted all together. I’ll do my best to put them in date order but the date I wrote them will appear at the … Continue reading Internet and Telephone

Technology is slowing the world down…

as my mate Conal always says. And for me at the moment it's certainly true. Having spent an entire day trying to upload some photos and a video to one of my blog posts, I decided that next time I would simply put it all on Flickr and add the relevant link. Except... my photos … Continue reading Technology is slowing the world down…