Secrets of a Successful Playgroup

Hosting a playgroup is one of the best ways of getting to know people and finding friends for your children. Of course your kids will always prefer to play with someone else’s toys but they also enjoy the opportunity to have friends round and show theirs off! It really doesn’t take too much effort, but … Continue reading Secrets of a Successful Playgroup

PRISM Brain Mapping

I was lucky enough to attend a half day PRISM Brain Mapping Workshop in Yangon recently, run by Ian Davies of Team Thinking.  In a nutshell, PRISM is about understanding behaviour through neuroscience and it appealed to me because I am always fascinated by people’s behaviour – and my own! The workshop promises to help … Continue reading PRISM Brain Mapping

Secretary of the Women’s Blingstitute

18.03.2011 Secretary of the Women’s Blingstitute Yep, I have been elected Secretary of the International Friends Group, mentioned in an earlier blogpost. Not sure how that happened, except it was on their River Cruise event and I’d had a few warm white wines whilst gazing at a gorgeous sunset… Still, it’s been a while since … Continue reading Secretary of the Women’s Blingstitute

Like the WI with Added Bling

07.02.2011 Like the WI with Added Bling I ventured out this week to the monthly meeting of the International Friends Group, who, amongst other things, publish the rather fantastic Golden Guide to Yangon, a bible for expats. It said right there on the flyleaf that the meetings took place on the first Monday of every … Continue reading Like the WI with Added Bling