Tummy Bugs

Tummy Bugs Whether a short-term visitor or long-term resident, you won’t get away without a few bouts of upset tummy whilst in Yangon.  Some are more sensitive than others but it will take time for your gut to become accustomed to its new surroundings and bacteria, and your physical health will be compromised by the … Continue reading Tummy Bugs

Baby’s Birthday

So, following the diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes, the next bombshell was that we’ll be having a planned C-section at 38 weeks. This is because GD babies are always on the big side, and as we know already I tend to throw a big foal (in the immortal words of my father, though he was talking … Continue reading Baby’s Birthday

Life Threatening Illness

Life Threatening Illness As this is a chronicle of family life with the Wilson Blades’s I can’t really go without mentioning our recent adventure with Pete’s Life-Threatening-Illness, as it has now become known in the family. Now that we are able to, erhem, laugh about it so to speak… Pete had a lot of field … Continue reading Life Threatening Illness