Another Day at the Coalface

24.01.2011 Another Day at the CoalfaceAnother day at the coalface, watching Alfie shriek his way through nursery. Actually that is not true, merely what I had been dreading yesterday at the thought of taking him to Rainbows again. Today he barely looked in my direction and played happily with much less shouting, even sitting through … Continue reading Another Day at the Coalface

Motherly Doubts

19.01.11 Motherly DoubtsSo we have signed up for Rainbows and started our ‘induction’ today. Obviously, to ensure a good start, we both had a terrible night’s sleep, Alfie being awake for the best part of 3 hours, most of them spent thrashing around mummy’s bed (Daddy is away in Bangkok). So he was hanging tired … Continue reading Motherly Doubts

Childcare Options

14.01.11 Childcare OptionsSo today I took Alfie to Rainbow Children’s House which had been recommended to me as a great nursery. He absolutely loved it! Marched straight in to one of the rooms and started playing. It had a lovely feel to it and Maggie, the owner, was very warm and welcoming and the rooms … Continue reading Childcare Options