The Ambassadors’ Wives

04.03.2011 The Ambassadors’ WivesThere are 3 main groups of expats out here, with another 4th subgroup I suppose you could call it. They are the diplomats, the corporate wives, the NGO staffers and the teachers of all the aforementioned’s children.In the main I hang out with diplomats, in particular the German crowd. I’m not sure … Continue reading The Ambassadors’ Wives

Like the WI with Added Bling

07.02.2011 Like the WI with Added Bling I ventured out this week to the monthly meeting of the International Friends Group, who, amongst other things, publish the rather fantastic Golden Guide to Yangon, a bible for expats. It said right there on the flyleaf that the meetings took place on the first Monday of every … Continue reading Like the WI with Added Bling

The British Club vs The Australian Club

07.02.2011 The British Club vs The Australian ClubSo last weekend we went to the British Club on Friday night and the Australian Club on Sunday night. We would have attempted the hat trick of including the American Club but unfortunately they also have their socials on a Sunday and the thought of barbecue and beers … Continue reading The British Club vs The Australian Club

German Efficiency

27.01.11 German EfficiencySo yesterday started off as one of those see-saw days you seem to get so often when you first arrive somewhere. It started well, with the whole family up and dressed and breakfasted in time to go with Daddy to work and get his driver to take me and Alfie on to the … Continue reading German Efficiency

Another Day at the Coalface

24.01.2011 Another Day at the CoalfaceAnother day at the coalface, watching Alfie shriek his way through nursery. Actually that is not true, merely what I had been dreading yesterday at the thought of taking him to Rainbows again. Today he barely looked in my direction and played happily with much less shouting, even sitting through … Continue reading Another Day at the Coalface

Motherly Doubts

19.01.11 Motherly DoubtsSo we have signed up for Rainbows and started our ‘induction’ today. Obviously, to ensure a good start, we both had a terrible night’s sleep, Alfie being awake for the best part of 3 hours, most of them spent thrashing around mummy’s bed (Daddy is away in Bangkok). So he was hanging tired … Continue reading Motherly Doubts