Ten Things to Do in Yangon

Ten Tourist Things to Do in Yangon With a mind to having guests here in the upcoming dry season (though in fairness baby’s arrival has rather put paid to a lot of planned visits, Nov – Mar being the optimal time to be here and us being in Thailand Dec – Feb) I’ve begun thinking … Continue reading Ten Things to Do in Yangon

National Museum

08.02.2011 National MuseumWow, wow and triple wow, this place was fantastic! Obvs like super frowned upon for being a government whatsit and paying them my $5 entry fee is like, supporting them and whatever but I mean, what a place! How could I resist the lure of a national museum so vast, so cool and … Continue reading National Museum

Yangon First Impressions

13.01.11 Yangon First ImpressionsTraffic! Yangon has a population of 6million so is not as tiny as I assumed. And bearing in mind the admonishment from Pete’s organisation that We Must Not Drive* and that even the rustiest bucket cost an average of $20 000, I kind of assumed there wouldn’t be so many cars. But … Continue reading Yangon First Impressions